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Always Something New!

I just love this subscription. The magazine and perks are one of the most practical, usable and enjoyable subscriptions ever. I think I’ll stay subscribed forever.


Monroe, NC


Inspiration To Explore

After reading about, and seeing pictures of different lighthouses, I went to see the Morris Island Lighthouse at Folly Beach, SC.


Charleston, SC

Finally - A Way To Break The Same Old Routine And...

Find New Things To Do

Why You'll Love It

Fun Things To Do

You'll discover all sorts of fun attractions, events and activities - the hidden gems - that just don't show up on Google.

Feel Energized

It's no secret - when you have fun plans, you wake up with a purpose, because you have something to look forward to.

Save Money

As a Carolina Traveler VIP you get FREE tickets and discounts to fun events and attractions - just for being a subscriber!

Good Stuff Inside


Day Trips

See page 16 when you only have a few hours to spare, and don't want to spend it Googling "things to do"


Long Weekends

From Edisto Beach to Lake Lure to the small towns along the Dan River, you'll find the places to go and the things to do in every issue



Plan your vacation around things to do! We share trip itineraries for the adventurous, the curious and the casual


Road Trips

Build a road trip around a theme - like castles! Check out the 10 Carolina castles in our fall issue (even spend the night!)



Visit the most stunning, entertaining and fun events in the Carolinas (like the kite festival). You can find them on page 20



You'll find family travel ideas for all ages, including the kids - and the young at heart! Read the spring issue for animal adventures


The Dog

They're part of the family, so we'll tell you where your pup can go, whether it's beaches, trails, or even beer gardens!



Visit a museum where you can dig for Megalodon teeth, build a boat, or see the stars! Find them in the winter issue



Dining is part of the adventure! From classy joints to take-out burgers, we reveal the local favorites



Mild to Wild! Check out the annual Thrill Seeker issue for cover-to-cover adventures and the Thrill-o-Meter!



Take in a show, unique performance or traveling exhibit. You could even win tickets to popular shows



Discover amazing natural spaces, like this incredible walk-behind waterfall from the spring issue

Need More Convincing?

Here's what you'll discover inside each issue

  • Find things to do when you have a few spare hours with our day trip ideas

  • Make weekend planning easier when you know about the best events

  • Tired of the same old routine? These trip ideas get you out of the house, get you moving and stimulate your mind

  • Entertain the kids with something completely new

  • Plan a full vacation with a list of fun things to do, without spending hours on Google

  • Save money with exclusive discounts and free tickets (VIPs)

  • See what people like you are doing around the Carolinas

  • Pick an adventure and make new friends

Have You Ever Wondered...

Why You Cannot Find New Things To Do On Google Or Local TV?

If your Google searches for "things to do" always seem to be places you've already been, and things you've already done, you're not alone.

There's a reason Google always seems to give you the same results

Google puts ads at the top and shows the most popular websites first. Your local TV news features the biggest attractions (which frequently are advertisers).

The biggest advertisers and the most popular websites don't change much...

So the same places - like the places you've been a million times - always show up at the top of Google and on TV, leaving you to feel like there's nothing to do here!

It's that sinking, hopeless boredom feeling...

Sound familiar?

It's annoying, and we get it.

And it happens to all of us...

Like that vacation when you did all the planned activities and it's only your second day away...

Or the long weekend when you spent more time looking for things to do on Google and YouTube than actually doing something...

Or the surprise weekend without any kid sports and that sudden "now what?" feeling...

Or waking up to all the free time in the world, but nothing to do...

But what if you could fill your days, weekends and vacations with fun things to do?

What if instead of scrolling through Google, YouTube and social media for hours, you had a handy source of things to do?

What if those things to do were all in the Carolinas?

And what if your source included ideas for all age groups, from kids, to parents, to grandparents?

What if your source also shared exclusive discounts and FREE tickets?!

Endlessly Find Things To Do

Right Here In The Carolinas

Without Spending Hours On Google and YouTube

  • Save time - Cut back on Googling for things to do

  • Reduce stress - Don’t get frustrated with opposing opinions in reviews

  • Conquer boredom - You receive a steady stream of things to do, nearby

  • Save money - With the VIP plan you’ll receive free tickets and discounts

  • Wake up with purpose - You’ll have something to do, somewhere to go

  • Have fun - Find things to do that you enjoy, rather than doing only what's available

  • Meet new people - You’ll encounter people just like you, because they are doing the same things as you

  • Entertain the grandkids - Take them on unexpected adventures that get them excited to visit you

  • Entertain friends and family - You’ll have them begging to join you on your next adventure

It almost sounds too good to be true, but...

You'll find it all in Carolina Traveler Magazine

Inside Carolina Traveler you'll discover:

  • Day trips

  • Events

  • Lighthouses

  • Museums

  • Parks

  • Waterfalls

  • Train rides

  • Thrilling adventures

  • Coastal hikes

  • Wildlife

  • History

  • Small towns

  • Burger joints

  • Fruit stands

  • Long weekends

  • Beaches

  • Mountain trails

  • and much more!

What About Those


The VIP Plan

Sign up for the Carolina Traveler VIP Plan to get FREE tickets, ticket giveaways and discounts to events and attractions, like...

  • Carolina Renaissance Festival

  • Dickens Christmas Market

  • Carolina Panthers

  • Woods of Terror

  • Christmas Carousel Holiday Market

  • The Viking Festival

  • McLaurin Farms Christmas Festival

  • Alabama Theater

  • Legends in Concert

  • Magic & Mayhem

In 2022 each VIP subscriber was offered tickets valued at more than $200!

So with the magazine, the tickets, contests, giveaways and VIP experiences, you might be wondering...

What will this cost?

The VIP Plan costs less than a weekly cup of

McDonald's coffee

We know what you're thinking...

How can Carolina Traveler give away tickets and a magazine subscription for just 87 cents a week?

Here's how we do it: Most of the tickets come from events, shows and attractions that want to advertise to our readers. Sometimes they pay for their advertising with tickets, which we give to you!

So there's no catch and no strings attached. Just enjoy yourself.

Now imagine turning your savings into an even better vacation!

Trips We've Inspired


"Living In The Moment"

Carolina Traveler stories inspired Heather and her husband to travel the Carolinas in their RV, while their daughters stay busy with the grandkids.


Franklinton, NC


"Hiking For The First Time"

Vickie, originally from upstate New York was inspired to hike for the first time in her life at 54 years old.


Charlotte, NC


"The Renaissance Festival"

The Renaissance Festival is a fairy tale event held annually in Huntersville, NC. VIP subscribers were offered free tickets to the event!


Concord, NC


"Chasing Waterfalls at Hanging Rock"

Hanging Rock State Park is hidden gem with a stunning summit and several waterfalls. Read about it in the fall issue.


Mocksville, NC



Subscribe now and get a copy of the Heritage Guide - the official museums directory - as our gift to you!

You'll never be at a loss for something to do with a copy of the Heritage Guide. Inside you'll find museum listings by city and interesting stories about our history and the people who made it.

What is Carolina Traveler?

Carolina Traveler is the Things-To-Do magazine. We love exploring the Carolinas and sharing our discoveries.

Can I find the same info on Google?

You may find bits and pieces on Google, but only Carolina Traveler curates the full story with the things to do, and important tips and recommendations.

If it's worth doing, we put it on paper.

I need to find something to do, can it help me right now?

Of course. Every subscription includes immediate online access to all of our back issues. Plus, you'll receive a welcome email with a few tour ideas.

What if I'm not satisfied?

If you are unhappy with Carolina Traveler magazine, then you may cancel within 60 days of purchase for a full refund and zero hassle.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes! All payments are processed through a safe, encrypted connection to a secure payment processing system. We cannot access your credit card information, and we do not store your credit card information.

When will I receive my first issue?

Please allow up to 8 weeks to receive your first issue in the mail. You'll have instant access to all of the back issues online.

When will I receive tickets?

Susie, our "Ambassador of Fun," will periodically email ticket offers to VIP subscribers. Simply respond to Susie's email to collect your tickets.

The quantity of tickets available per customer varies with each offer.

Does the magazine include South Carolina?

Yes! We feature attractions from South Carolina and North Carolina.

How do I sign up?

Simply click on the option you like - Digital, Print & Digital, or VIP. We accept major credit cards and payments are securely processed online. You may cancel your subscription at anytime.

Endlessly Find Things To Do

You have 3 options for ordering

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